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                Purchasing Agent in China for Pharmaceutical Products


Base on Huili Capsules, 30-years manufacturer of empty capsules, using our source in pharmaceutical industry, with our efforts in business development, OEM service is offered for Finished Capsule Formulation and Health Supplements. Also good price of 30 more pharmaceutical raw materials is available from pharmaceutical companies.


Policy Statement: Huili commits to service its customers with highest quality products from China. Huili has a sharp focus on providing value-added services to its customers cost-effectively. Its service covers every aspect of the supply chain, including inquiry handling, monitoring product consistency, fulfilling customer’s specifications and supplier’s rating.


Mission: To be the most preferred sourcing partners for our customers around the world, for finished formulations and pharma raw materials.


Profile of EU-GMP Approved Finished Formulations

Our partner factory fulfills the demands regarding manufacturing of the above dosage forms according to EU-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), by GMP-Inspector from Germany.


Profile of CN-GMP Approved Finished Formulations

All above finished formulations are made by GMP certified pharma factories, by Chinese FDA. All have advanced manufacturing facilities and machines, excellent manufacturing environment, skillful and professional workers and high manufacturing efficiency. Product quality is guaranteed to be excellent. Their products have good reputation both in Chinese pharmaceutical market and foreign markets.


QA & QC of Finished Formulations

It is believed that enterprise development counts on quality and credibility.


Thus, quality is always emphasized and a strict quality assurance system is built. According to the diversity of function, property and conditions, Quality Department is divided into several different rooms. This can effectively avoid the cross contamination during testing.


QA&QC Team is professional and skillful. Physicochemical test of arrived raw materials, intermediates during manufacturing and finished products can be done. Apart from professional personnel, equipments are also advanced and up-to-date. More than 30 different equipments including HPLC, GC, UV, IR and Atomic absorbing tester, total organic carbon tester are equipped, to assure the accuracy and precision of testing results.

It is insisted that any material involved in manufacturing must be high quality and every step of operation must reach high standard.

QA of Formulation Production (2).jpgQA of Formulation Production (1).jpg

Oral Solid preparation workshop 

Oral Solid preparation workshop (3).jpgOral Solid preparation workshop (4).jpg

Oral Solid preparation workshop (1).jpgOral Solid preparation workshop (2).jpg

Oral Solid preparation workshop (5).jpgOral Solid preparation workshop (6).jpg

Sterile Powder Injection Workshop

Sterile powder injection workshop (1).jpgSterile powder injection workshop (2).jpg

Sterile powder injection workshop (3).jpgSterile powder injection workshop (4).jpg




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