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CN-GMP Approved Formulations-Injection Formulations

CN-GMP Approved Formulations-Injection Formulations

Injection Formulations



Skype/Email: eason@hl-jn.com



Product Name


Inosine Injection

2ml:0.1g, 2ml:0.05g, 5ml:0.1g, 5ml:0.2g

Vitamin C Injection

5ml:0.5g, 20ml:2.5g, 2ml:0.1g, 2ml:0.25g

Kanamycin Sulfate Injection


Gentamicin Sulfate Injection

1ml:40mg, 1ml:20mg, 2ml:80mg

Lincomycin Hydrochloride Injection

1ml:0.2g, 2ml:0.6g(C18H34N2O6S)

Amikacin Sulfate Injection 

1ml:0.1g, 2ml:0.2g

Micronomicin Sulfate Injection

2ml:30mg, 2ml:60mg, 2ml:80mg

Vitamin B6 Injection

1ml:25mg, 1ml:50mg, 2ml:100mg

Compound Amionpyrine and Antipyrine Injection

2ml: aminophenazone 100mg, Antipyrine 40mg, Barbital 18mg

Vitamin B1 Injection

2ml:0.1g, 2ml:0.05g

Ribostamycin Sulfate for Injection


Metamizole Sodium Injection

1ml:0.25g, 2ml:0.5g

Chloramphenicol Injection

1ml:0.125g, 2ml:0.25g

Note: Specifications of all above formulations could be adjusted according to the customers’ requirement and would be tested in accordance with BP, USP, EP or ChP. Moreover, new products can be registrated according to customers’ need.

Working with the most credible Injection Formulations manufacturers and factories in China, OEM & Contract Manufacturing of finished formulations are available. High quality and definitely safe Injection Formulations can be supplied at best price. Also pricelist consultation is also 

Known as one of the most credible injection formulations manufacturers and suppliers in China, Huili Capsules is equipped with a professional factory. We can offer you high quality and definitely safe injection formulations at best price. Also pricelist consultation is also offered.

Skype/Email: eason@hl-jn.com



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