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Natural Plants Vegetable Cellulose Empty HPMC Vegan Capsules

Natural Plants Vegetable Cellulose Empty HPMC Vegan Capsules

Compared to ACG, Same Quality, Better Delivery, Lower Price.


Empty Pullulan Vetable Capsules (3)  Empty Pullulan Vetable Capsules (1)

22-1  Empty Pullulan Vetable Capsules

1.Our history

HUILI Capsules passed FDA Certification of Empty Capsules.

We specialize in Gelatin Capsules manufacturing since year 1985.


2. What can we do?

 Size 00#, 0#, 1#, 2# , 3# and 4# Vegetable Gelatin Capsules in all colors are produced underCapuge® Brand.  Advanced printing equipments are used to print perfectly on empty capsule shell.


High quality HPMC of Pharmaceutical Grade is used for Capuge® capsules production, always Free of BSE/TSE, and strictly HALAL.Quality of Capuge® capsules conforms to standards of pharmaceutical capsules in Ch. P. 2010. Specification can satisfy custom's process requirements. we make commitments that consistently stable and reliable quality, prompt delivery and excellent service are offered.

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3.What's vegetable capsule?

The vegetarian capsules are actually made of HPMC, a semi-synthetic product which incorporates a plant cellulose-based shell. Another material by which veggie capsules are made of is pullulan which is produced from starch made by the fungus Aureobasidium pullulans. These organic plant alternatives to animal-based gelatin are ideal for making edible coating and blends well with moisture sensitive substances.


4.why choose us?


1. Professional Manufacturer for 25 years with advanced facility.

2. Factory price with best quality.

3. Custom Order acceptable, in Colors and Printing of capsules.

4. Fast Service and on-time delivery

5. FREE sample available in any time.

6. Offer OEM Service


Advantages of Vegetarian Capsules
Since they are plant-based foods, vegetarian capsules have some decided advantages over gelatin capsules. Here are some of them.

• Unlike gelatin capsules, vegetarian capsules will not cause allergies to people who have sensitive skin. Hypersensitivity to cow and bovine products triggers itchiness and hives when gelatin capsules are taken. There will be no such problems when veggie capsules are taken.
• Those who have kidney and liver problems can now take their supplements with veggie caps without worrying about the side effects. Before, they can’t take their supplements because of the protein contained in gelatin capsules. Their liver and kidneys have to work hard to excrete the protein contained in the gelatin capsules.
• Vegetarian capsules are also friendly to people who are eating Kosher foods. Since these capsules do not contain any animal by-product, they are sure that what they are eating is really “clean” food with no traces of non-kosher animals.
• With vegetarian capsules, you are sure that there are no chemical additives or traces of anti-biotics in the supplements that you are taking.
• The thought that you are eating an all-natural product puts you in a more positive mental state – knowing that it is your health that benefit the most.



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