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All kinds of capsules
Sep 14, 2016

Capsules, there are many. From the production of materials can be divided into traditional capsules (also known as, animal gelatin capsules capsules) and capsules. Traditional capsules are made from animal skin, bones and tendons, by complex physical and chemical processing of fat and protein-free, easy to be absorbed by the body, with a high viscosity, high strength, easy to freeze, and other physical characteristics. Capsules (also known as Halal capsules) is made from plant cellulose or water soluble polysaccharide of hollow capsules, in which cellulose is hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose 2-, generally with short cotton wool or wood pulp as raw material, made by ether. Such as agar, pectin, carrageenan, sodium alginate and guar gum is extracted from the plant, some of their characteristics and the same animal gelatin.

 From the physical shape, can be divided into hard and soft capsules capsules (also known as pill) in two categories. Hard gelatin capsules are certain drugs (or extracts from herbs) and the appropriate accessories (without accessories) made from powder or granules of uniform, filled the hollow in hard gelatin capsules. Soft capsule is certain drugs (or extracts from medicinal) dissolved in appropriate materials, and holding techniques (or dropping method) which sealed the spherical or olive-shaped soft capsules. According to the local Division of drug release in vivo, or dissolving in gastric and enteric coated capsule is divided into. Gastric acid is released packages of drugs in capsules in the stomach, enteric-coated type is added to the shell special polymers or specially treated so that it is not soluble in gastric juice, only to dissolve and release the active ingredient in the intestinal juice. 

Capsule sizes to differentiate, stomach acid capsule No. 000, No. 00, No. 0, 1th, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and enteric-coated capsules No. 0, 1th, 2nd. No matter what kind of drug capsules, needs capsules ingredients--making medical gelatin, edible gelatin and food coloring and other accessories, and blended into a liquid form of raw material, and placed in the molding mold molding and trim package. Pharmaceutical companies in such a capsule mounted since powdered drug capsule or liquid medicines. Capsules are generally double locking, namely capsules produced before filling medication bits fill drugs are locked together.

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