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Sep 14, 2016

Capsules of the drug, are generally irritating to mucous membrane of esophagus and stomach powder or granules, or bad taste, easy to volatilize, easily broken down by the saliva in the mouth and inhaled medicine of the trachea. These drugs into the capsule, both to protect the drug from being destroyed, also protects the digestive and respiratory tract. Remove the capsule shell may result in loss of drugs, drug efficacy of waste, reduced. In addition, some medications need to be dissolved in the gut absorption, capsules protect the drug destroyed by the stomach acid. Medically used special film material (such as polysaccharides, cellulose, gelatin) sacs made of, the content (including powder, liquid-like drugs) or dosing mounted, easy to swallow.

Capsules is made from plant cellulose or hollow capsules made from water-soluble polysaccharides, such as forefront of vitality

In order to meet the needs of all-natural solutions for positioning and capsules. It retains all the standard advantages of hollow capsules: convenient take, effectively masking the taste and smell of contents such as transparent, but also has a connotation of the traditional gelatin capsules did not.

Three-factor induced by "poison capsule" incident

First is the weak enterprises, illegal use of industrial products instead of Pharmaceutical Excipients and Enterprise offences was the main factor that caused the event. To punish illegal enterprise.

Second, though not the causality, but "only low price bidding" policy is linked, this result could cause such a phenomenon more and more.

Third, the lack of supervision. Report and expose events to test non-pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative departments. Report media and inspection departments are units of study, FDA is also reported in the media only after know. Lack of supervision must be reversed.

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