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Composition of hollow gelatin capsules
Sep 14, 2016

Edible gelatin

Edible gelatin (Gelatin), collagen hydrolysate, is a fat-free protein, and no cholesterol, is a naturally occurring nutrient food thickener. After eating doesn't make people fat, do not lead to physical decline. Gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid emulsion ability, after entering the stomach inhibit milk, milk proteins, such as condensation due to stomach acid and so easier to digest

Most capsules are made from gelatin. Gelatin is widely used in many foods, such as pudding, sweets, candied fruit, chew candies, icing, food filling head and dips. In food, gelatin helps it solidified, thickening, stabilizing, ventilation, is a very popular, rich in nutrients and low fat food ingredient. 

Gelatin is itself derived from collagen, a water-soluble protein, collagen is a natural protein composition in connective tissue. Through a controlled process of extraction, gelatin obtained from animal skin and bones. Gelatin has a variety of types. Capsules are made with pharmaceutical grade gelatin, gelatin meets the stringent requirements of drug product the level. Capsules produced by the program is, first forming a layer on the stainless steel molds of gelatin film. Then dry gelatin film hardened to form capsules, then removed from the mold. There are generally two sizes of molds, used to make capsules, another larger diameter to make the capsule Cap.

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