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Edible gelatin product use
Sep 14, 2016

    Gelatin can be classified by use of photography, edible, medicinal and industrial categories. Edible Gelatin, widely used as a thickening agent in food industry added that if frozen, food coloring, senior fudge, ice cream, vinegar, yogurt, frozen foods and so on. In the chemical industry are mainly used as adhesive, emulsion and advanced cosmetics, such as the production of raw materials.

    Gelatin are hydrocolloids, with the protection of the property of colloid, can be used as a hydrophobic colloidal stabilizer, emulsifier. Gelatin for amphoteric electrolyte, so the water in the solution, which charged particles coalesce into a block, for wine, alcohol clarifying agent.

After strict screening of bone through repeated Church, skim neutralization, cooking liquid, ion-exchange, sterilization filtration, concentration and drying made dozens of processes of a complete line of stainless steel equipment. From Sol to scheme based on, from prevention to residual control, microbiological control of trace elements from using domestic advanced production testing equipment, use of HACCP management methods.

    Edible gelatin production is different from industrial gelatin, with a fresh, highly trained

Quarantine, without any chemical treatment of pig, bovine animal bones or skin, such as processing and hermetic line drying and crushing.

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