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Features and Uses of Empty Capsules
Mar 29, 2017


Filling Empty Capsules 

Both cost effective and personalised, making your own vitamin or herbal capsules at home is becoming increasingly popular. Individuals who need to create personal vitamins and supplements also need the proper tools and information to safely and effectively make them, however. This means understanding the types and sizes of empty capsules available for purchase as well as the proper method for filling them once acquired.


                                                                                    Types of Empty Capsules

              Types of Empty Capsules 

There are two main types of empty capsules available: gelatine capsules, made from animal by-products such as collagen, and vegetarian or vegetable capsules derived from agar, a type of seaweed. The only difference between these two types of empty capsules is that gelatine capsules are animal based and vegetarian capsules are not. Both have similar features which aid them in the job of protecting and delivering supplements. These features include maintaining their shape at room temperature but dissolving in warm liquid, including the digestive tract, and they are tasteless and odourless as well.


Sizes of Empty Capsules

In addition to the materials used, the sizes of empty capsules vary. While no commonly found empty capsule measures more than 3 cm, there are a total of eight sizes ranging from largest, size 000, to smallest, size 5. The table below lists the size number and filling range of each of the eight empty capsule sizes.


Capsule Size Number

Physical Size

Filling Capacity

Size 000

26.1 mm

615 to 1370 mg

Size 00

23.3 mm

430 to 950 mg

Size 0

21.7 mm

305 to 680 mg

Size 1

19.4 mm

225 to 500 mg

Size 2

18 mm

165 to 370 mg

Size 3

15.9 mm

135 to 300 mg

Size 4

14.3 mm

95 to 210 mg

Size 5

11.1 mm

60 to 130 mg


The density of the powdered supplement used dictates the actual weight you can expect to fill each capsule. Therefore, choosing the proper size means not only considering how large a capsule you are comfortable swallowing, but how many, since you may need more than one.



                                                                                          Filling Empty Capsules

                    Filling Empty Capsules 

The main benefit that many users gain from purchasing empty capsules is the ability to personalise their supplement regimens. This means mixing particular herbal formulas, for example, which are not available in retail form. While it is possible to fill each capsule by hand, it is also quite time consuming. Rather, many users prefer the convenience of capsule filling machines. These machines fit all different capsule sizes and automatically fill them at a rate of about a dozen or more per minute. Though a capsule filler is an investment initially, over time it evens out in the savings earned by making your own supplements.

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