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Hollow capsule of plant hollow capsule VS gelatin hollow capsule
Aug 03, 2018

The superiority of plant hollow capsule relative to animal gelatin hollow capsule.

1. plant hollow capsule is an environment free pollution-free industry.

It is well known that the production of animal gelatin is made from the skin and bone of the animal as raw material and fermented by chemical reaction. A large amount of chemical components are added in the process. The people who have been to the gelatin factory know that the raw plant makes a lot of odor and will use a large amount of water resources, causing serious pollution to the air and water environment.

In western developed countries, many gelatting enterprises have moved their factories to third world countries to reduce their pollution to their own environment because of the regulation of the state. And the extraction of plant gum is a lot of physical extraction, extracted from the marine and terrestrial plants, will not produce rotten odor, also greatly reduce the use of water, reduce the pollution of the environment. In the production process of capsules, no harmful substances are added, and there is no environmental pollution. The reutilization rate of gelatin is low, and a lot of pollution sources are generated when waste is disposed.

2. plant hollow capsules

The raw materials of gelatin are derived from different animal bodies such as pigs, cattle and sheep. In recent years, the epidemic of mad cow disease, avian influenza, blue ear disease, foot-and-mouth disease and so on all come from animals. When traceability is needed, it is often difficult to trace the raw materials of capsules. Vegetable gum is derived from natural plants and can solve the above problems.

In the United States, FDA has been issued earlier, hoping that in the past few years, the market share of hollow capsule in the US market is up to 80%, one of the main reasons is the above problem.

3. risk of no gel reaction in the hollow capsule of plants

Plant hollow capsules have strong inertia and are not easy to react with aldehydes. The main ingredient of gelatin capsule is collagen, which is easy to cross reaction with amino acid and aldehyde containing drugs, which causes the prolongation of the capsule disintegration time and the decrease of dissolution.

4. low water content of hollow capsule of plant

The moisture content of gelatin hollow capsules is between 12.5-17.5%. Gelatin capsules with high water content tend to easily absorb water from the contents or be absorbed by the contents, making the capsules soft or brittle, affecting the drug itself.

The water content of the plant hollow capsule is controlled between 5 and 8%, and it is not easy to react with the contents, and it can maintain the good physical properties of the contents of different properties.

5. plant hollow capsules are easy to store and reduce the storage cost of enterprises.

Gelatin hollow capsule has strict requirements for storage conditions and needs to be stored and transported at a constant temperature. It is easy to soften and deform when the temperature is high or humidity is high.

There are more loose conditions for the hollow capsule of plants. Between 10-40 and 35, the humidity is between 35 and 65%. The experiment showed that under the condition of humidity 35%, the brittleness rate of plant capsule was less than 2%, and the temperature of the capsule changed less than 1% when the temperature was 80. Loose storage needs can reduce the daily storage cost of enterprises.

6. plant hollow capsule can isolate the contact with outside air.

The main ingredient of gelatin hollow capsule is collagen, the nature of its raw material determines its strong permeability, so that the content is easily affected by water and microbes in the air.

The material properties of plant hollow capsules determine that they can effectively isolate the contents from the air and avoid adverse effects on the air.

7. plant hollow capsules

The effective period of gelatin hollow capsule is about 18 months, and the storage time before use is added, which makes the shelf life of the capsule shorter, which often directly affects the shelf life of the drug. The effective period of hollow capsule is generally 36 months, which obviously increases the product's validity.

8. preservatives and no preservatives in the hollow capsule of plants

In order to prevent the growth of microorganism, gelatin hollow capsule can add antiseptic, such as methyl P hydroxybenzoate, if the amount of addition exceeds a certain range, it may eventually affect the excess of arsenic content. At the same time, the gelatin hollow capsule should be sterilized after the production is completed, and almost all of the gelatin capsules are sterilized with ethylene oxide, and the residue of chloroethanol will exist in the capsules after the sterilization of ethylene oxide, and the residue of chloroethane is forbidden to use in foreign countries.

9. the hollow capsule of plant has a lower heavy metal

10. plant hollow capsules can inhibit the growth of bacteria

11. plant hollow capsule has a more relaxed filling environment to reduce production costs.

12. plant hollow capsules are suitable for consumers of different ethnic groups.

13. plant hollow capsule products have high added value.

Although the market price of plant hollow capsule is slightly higher, it has more outstanding advantages than animal gelatin hollow capsule. The high grade medicine and health care products have been adopted, which obviously improve the grade of the products and help to the health of the consumers. It is especially suitable for antiphlogistic drugs, traditional Chinese medicine and high-grade health products and so on, so that the products have high value-added and competitiveness.

According to the above, plant hollow capsule has more and irreplaceable advantages compared with animal gelatin hollow capsule. More and more attention has been paid in developed countries abroad, and gradually used in the pharmaceutical industry, health products industry, food industry in a variety of products. It can be seen that plant hollow capsule is an inevitable substitute product of animal gelatin hollow capsule.

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