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The role of drug capsules
Mar 18, 2018

    The capsule is just a coat or vest of the drug. The purpose of using it is not only to make the drug look good, but mainly to make the drug easy to take and achieve the best effect.

    When a person's illness is taken, the drugs are digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and enter the bloodstream. They also undergo decomposition of the liver. However, a considerable number of powders, granules, liquids, and tablets are either bitter or irritating, or are easily volatile, or are easily decomposed in the mouth by saliva. Some drugs also inhale the trachea and cause side effects. Therefore, filling the capsule into the capsule can not only protect the mouth and digestive tract, but also facilitate swallowing. It also allows the drug to exert its best effect.

    To make the best use of drugs, it is also necessary to prevent the drugs from being destroyed by human stomach acid, because some drugs need to be dissolved and absorbed in the intestines, so they need to be made of special membrane materials (such as gelatin, cellulose, polysaccharides, etc.) The capsules are filled with powders, liquids, and other drugs in a dosage form.

    In addition, drugs have a half-life, which means the time required for the drug to reduce its maximum concentration in blood by half. The half-life of the drug reflects the rate of drug elimination (excretion, biotransformation, storage, etc.) in the body, and shows the relationship between the time of the drug in the body and the blood drug concentration. Therefore, it is the main basis for determining the dose and frequency of administration.

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     Drugs with long half-lives are eliminated slowly in the body and the interval between administrations is longer; drugs with short half-lives are eliminated quickly in the body and administration times are short. For drugs with short half-lives, frequent medications are needed to maintain the drug concentration in the blood. To avoid the trouble of frequent medications, special capsules are needed to wrap the drug. This is the slow-release capsule.

     Sustained-release capsule drugs can also avoid the disadvantages of frequent fluctuations in drug concentration in the blood after frequent administration of common preparations, and the consequent failure of effective blood drug concentrations. At the same time, the toxic and side effects of sustained-release capsules are smaller than those of conventional preparations. Therefore, many drugs, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and Tylenol, have sustained-release capsules.

Zhejiang Huili Capsules Co., Ltd.

Huili Imports and Exports Co., Ltd.

Add:Ru'ao Industrial Zone, Xinchang, Shaoxing, Zhjiang, China

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