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Why there are capsule medication?
Sep 14, 2016

Capsule drug coat or jacket, using the aim is certainly not to make the drug look good, but primarily to make it easier for drug use and the best possible results. According to historical records, the earliest use of the capsule before 1500 comes from Egypt. At that time, the capsule is purely to package drugs is unclear. However, from 1730, the Vienna pharmacist began with starch manufacture of capsules. Specifically, the capsule is used to package drugs. And capsule production technology was patented in Paris in 1834. 

Ill take the drug passes through the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption into the blood stream, but also through the liver decomposition. But a considerable number of powders, granules, liquids and flakes of drugs or bitter and pungent, or it is vulnerable to volatile or is easily broken down by the saliva in the mouth, some drug or inhale the trachea, causing side effects. So put the drug into the capsule can protect the mouth and digestive tract, and easy to swallow, and can best make for drug efficacy. To make the drugs play a better role, but also to prevent the acid reflux of drug destruction, because some of the drugs need to be dissolved in the intestinal absorption, therefore, needs to use special materials (such as gelatin, cellulose, polysaccharides) capsules made of objects, and other types of powder, liquid-like drugs in doses in the bag. In addition, the drug has a half-life, which refers to the drug in the time required to reduce by half the maximum concentration in the blood. 

Drug half-life reflects the Elimination of drugs in vivo (excretion and biotransformations and storage) speed, display time and serum concentration of drug in the body. Therefore, it is the main basis for determining dosage, frequency. Long half life of the drug in the body to eliminate slow, dosing interval is long and short half-life in vivo away fast delivery time is shorter. For short half-life drugs that need frequent medication to keep the drug concentration in the blood, in order to avoid taking the trouble, you need wrapped in special capsules of the drug, which is sustained-release capsules. Sustained-release capsule drug also avoids frequent after administration of General preparation in the blood drug concentration fluctuation is too large and effective plasma concentrations fluctuated shortcomings, and sustained-release capsules of toxic effect is smaller than the General preparations. So, many drugs, such as aspirin, Tylenol and ibuprofen sustained-release capsules.

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