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Capsule Drugs Do Not Go To The Shell
Aug 03, 2018

Some patients take capsule medicine, take the capsule away and take the powder and grain directly with the boiling water to take it, think that the medicine will be effective, in fact, this practice is very wrong. This is because most of these drugs are irritating to the esophagus and gastric mucosa, or because they are easily destroyed by digestive juice breakdown in the stomach. If the capsule medicine is taken to the "shell", it will reduce the efficacy of the medicine, or damage the esophagus and gastric mucosa, even the drug particles can choke the trachea, causing the risk to the patient. In addition, the medicine in the capsule has a prescribed dose, and it is easy to lose the powder after being stripped, which leads to the inaccurate dosage of the dosage or the decomposition of the digestive juice to reduce the effect of the drug and affect the effect of the treatment. Some capsules are sustained-release capsules, which aim to release the drug at a balanced dose and achieve slow and constant absorption in the body to maximize its efficacy. If the capsules are taken directly, the slow-release properties of the capsules will be destroyed and the effect of slow release can not be achieved. For example, Pancreatin Enteric-coated Tablets is a kind of digestive medicine. The purpose of making capsules is to protect the drug from being destroyed by gastric acid. This kind of enteric capsule can not be taken "shell", otherwise it can not take effect. Nifedipine Modified-Release Capsules is commonly used in the treatment of hypertension, mainly using capsules to control the speed and quantity of drug release. If you take the "shell", it will cause a large amount of drugs to release instantly, and the blood pressure may drop suddenly.

It can be seen that capsule drugs should not be peeled off and eaten, especially when the instructions indicate that sustained-release capsules, controlled-release capsules and enteric-coated capsules are not available.

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