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What Are The Ingredients Of Gelatin Hollow Capsules
Sep 23, 2017

Gelatin hollow capsules are usually composed of caps, body composition, which can be put inside some difficult to swallow the drugs to help people in the course of treatment to reduce the pain, then the composition of gelatin hollow capsule what?

What is the composition of gelatin hollow capsules? Gelatin hollow capsule from the medicinal gelatin and auxiliary materials made of caps, body two capsule shell composition, mainly for the cost of solid medicine. Such as self-made powder, health products, pharmaceuticals, etc., for the user to solve the difficult entry, poor taste problems. In addition, the capsule can also be printed on the text, trademarks and patterns, showing a unique custom appearance.

Gelatin is widely used in many foods, such as pudding, sweets, candied fruit, chewing candy, sugar coating, food head and dip. In food, gelatin can help food coagulation, thickening, stability, ventilation, is a very popular, rich in nutrients and low fat food ingredients. Gelatin itself is a water-soluble protein extracted from collagen, and collagen is the major protein component in connective tissue. Gelatin is obtained from the skin and bones of an animal through a controlled extraction process.

There are many types of gelatin. Capsules are made from pharmaceutical grade gelatin, which meets stringent requirements for pharmaceutical products. Capsule production process is, first in the stainless steel mold to form a layer of gelatin film. The gelatin film then hardens and hardens, forms the capsule, and then removes it from the mold. There are two sizes of molds, one for making capsules and the other for larger capsules.

In fact, there are many benefits of gelatin hollow capsules, gelatin in our lives also has a very wide range of applications, only hope that people can choose the appropriate method for treatment.

Add:Ru’ao Industrial Zone, Xinchang, Shaoxing, Zhjiang, China

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