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Hard Capsules Should Not Be Taken Apart Clothing
Sep 14, 2016

Capsule consisted of hard capsules, soft capsules (gel pills) in two categories.

1. hard capsule refers to a quantity of drugs and appropriate accessories made from powder or granules of uniform, filled the hollow in hard gelatin capsules. Hard gelatin capsules are widely used. As I said before, capsule with gelatin as the main raw material used in the manufacture of qualified medical gelatin pigskin is not chromate or leather tanned without harmful metal pollution of leather skins or fresh, frozen skin.

Hebei some lime-treated leather get made "chrome" standard industrial gelatin, to some pharmaceutical companies pretending to be a capsule, which caused a sensation of "excessive chromium capsules". Which led to people's concerns about taking the capsule dosage form, cause such as "I can lose my capsule shell, but the medicine inside" type questions.

Although the capsule shell itself does not effect, but often play an important role.

Cover up the bad smell of the drug, such as traditional Chinese medicine capsules;

Avoid drug burn the esophagus, such as minocycline capsule;

Avoid drugs on gastric stimulation or protect the drug destroyed by the stomach acid, such as enteric-coated capsules;

Controlled drug release rate, prolonged duration of action, such as slow or controlled release capsules.

If you take the capsule apart and may reduce the efficacy or increase adverse drug stimulation is also not conducive to precise mastery of drug doses. Therefore, usually not the capsule apart and taking it. As a last resort must be taken apart, and should consult their doctors or pharmacists and other professionals. We are lucky, "chromium standard capsule", the supervision of the national regulatory authorities on the capsule has been very strict, formal now produce capsule dosage form of the drug is safe to take.

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