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Is There A Difference In Efficacy Between The Direct Swallowing Of The Capsule And The Opening Of The Solution In The Water Solution?
Jan 03, 2018

The characteristics of capsule

1, can cover the bad odor of the drug, improve the stability of the drug. The drug can be isolated from the outside of the capsule shell to avoid the influence of light and air and moisture, and has a certain masking and stabilizing effect on the bad odorous and unstable drugs. 

2, can make the drug take effect quickly in the body. The drug is filled with powder or granule in the capsule. Compared with tablet pills, it has no mechanical pressure and can be rapidly dispersed, dissolved and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. 

3, can make liquid drug solid dosage form, such as soft capsules, easy to take and carry. 

4, can delay or locate the release of drugs. The drugs are made into particles or pellets, and the suitable coating materials are selected according to the needs, and the capsules are loaded to make the drug have the effect of slow release and delay effect. The enteric capsule can release the drug in the small intestine. There is also a controlled release capsule that can release drugs at a slow and constant speed in the prescribed medium. 

Therefore, the stimulant drugs for the digestive tract can not be dismantled and taken, and the sustained-release, controlled release, enteric and target capsules can not be taken apart. Specific that medicine can be removed to a concrete analysis such as Cod Liver Oil soft capsule capsule shell to bite to eat and swallow the whole absorption basically no difference, if you love the smell of Cod Liver Oil.


Zhejiang Huili Capsules Co., Ltd.

                    Huili Imports and Exports Co., Ltd.

Add:Ru'ao Industrial Zone, Xinchang, Shaoxing, Zhjiang, China

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