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Li Ning Researches On The Development Of Capsule Industry: Grasping And Strengthening Supervision And Control
Mar 18, 2018

    On the afternoon of March 5th, Li Ning, deputy secretary of the Xinchang County Party Committee and the county governor, investigated the development and safety of the capsule industry in the county. He stressed that we must establish a big pattern, increase our dedication to business, persist in refocusing on industrial upgrading, pay close attention to safety supervision, refocus on brand promotion, and constantly enhance the overall competitiveness of Xinchang capsule industry.

    Li Ning and his entourage first came to Xinchang County Market Supervision Bureau, and through the electronic information supervision platform of hollow capsules, they viewed the real-time monitoring of the security of the capsule industry. Later, he entered the food and drug inspection and testing center in Dufu Town to learn more about the quality control of capsule products and the development status of the capsule industry. He also expressed concern about the difficulties in the development of the enterprise and the next steps. Li Ning also hosted a forum to discuss the development path of the capsule industry with related departments and representatives of capsule companies.

    Li Ning pointed out that hollow capsules are the traditional characteristics of Xinchang. They have foundations and advantages for development, and they need to achieve new breakthroughs in innovation and improvement. Each capsule entrepreneur needs to improve his determination and confidence in doing business and development, persist in taking advantage of the situation and seek opportunities, and strive to achieve a new leap; it is necessary to control product quality, keep the bottom line, build a defensive line, mutual supervision, and fully maintain Industry order; should pay attention to technological innovation, willing to invest funds to improve production technology, the introduction of scientific and technological personnel, and effectively enhance the industry's core competitiveness; to be bold to open up the market, and strive to enter the high-end market and form a more high-quality sales network.

Zhejiang Huili Capsules Co., Ltd.

Huili Imports and Exports Co., Ltd.

Add:Ru'ao Industrial Zone, Xinchang, Shaoxing, Zhjiang, China

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