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Regular Gelatin Capsules Crisis Enterprise Is Not A Bad Thing
Sep 14, 2016

CCTV weekly quality report survey Hebei some lime-treated leather for decoloration and bleaching and cleaning, then Cook made industrial gelatin, selling medicinal capsule production company in xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, and eventually flows to the pharmaceutical industry.

Gelatin, that most people probably haven't heard of the raw material, it became the talk of the "focus".

Gelatin can be divided into edible, medicinal, photography and industrial gelatin. Edible gelatine is mainly used for candy, jelly, milk, canned meat and other food production and its derivatives hydrolyze collagen is also widely used in health foods and cosmetics. Industrial grade plastic is widely used as industrial adhesive materials.

It is reported that as the degree of ageing of the world, continued population growth and in medicines, cosmetics, food and beverages on the amount of gelatin to expand, gelatin 2012 global market total consumption will reach a record high of 359,000 tons.

Medicinal edible gelatin with formal difference between industrial gelatin is huge. Formal bone gelatin is extracted from the bones, and industrial gelatin obtained from scraps of leather. States reorganization wrongful gelatin industry, the industry is good news. If the State reorganization is large enough, formal enterprises to develop, gelatin market becomes healthy.

Qinghai gelatine said in its 2011 annual report, the national degree of attention to medicine safety, supervision strengthened, will promote the gelatin capsule development and upgrading of the industry, production is not standard gelatin, small scale enterprises will be limited, was eliminated, gelatin, the global consolidation of the industry is speeding up. Company industry downstream market is the field of medicine and food products, common features of these two areas is little affected by economic fluctuations, development and stability, gelatin and capsule industry will have more opportunities.

If the relevant departments of the gelatin to increase efforts to investigate and punish, no specification released by small businesses was eliminated out of the space occupied by the enterprise of the market. The key is the low-countries should be reversed as soon as possible, but taking the bidding model, otherwise in this low price pressure on drug prices of raw materials led to accidents may also occur.

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