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Users Invent Capsule New Eating Method
Sep 14, 2016

Capsule after the incident, drugs became the focus. Yesterday, the Chengdu citizen Chen to the WCC line said: "now that the problem is the capsule, it will Peel capsules, eating inside the medicine? "People with this idea a lot, Hangzhou, 60-year old aunt Huang swallow the powder directly, and Burns of the esophagus. In addition, user intelligence explosion, invented the bread, rice balls, fruit, vegetables and other medication.

In view of this, the Sichuan huaxi hospital day clinic Director, Gastroenterology said Ma Hongsheng, a Professor: capsules on effect of playing a role, more than medication approach is not desirable.

Experts explain the capsule in assure efficacy could not

In view of this problem, said Ma Hongsheng, capsule is a dosage form of the drug, compared with the Tablet, capsule in gastrointestinal fluid dispersion, absorption, and capsule case protects the drug from moisture and oxidation.

Ma Hongsheng introduced drug capule for several reasons: one is that some drugs on esophageal and gastric mucosal irritation, and may even cause burns;

Two medicine tastes bad, easy to inhale choking caused by trachea food, or easily broken down by the saliva in the mouth. These drugs into the capsule, both to protect the drug from being destroyed, and also protect the oesophagus and respiratory tract;

Third, some capsules are enteric-coated capsule that acts as a protective shell send a drug all the way into my intestines, ingredients to avoid stomach acid decomposition and reach the intestinal tract can be safely absorb. Some capsules are sustained-release capsule, can extend the release time of pharmaceutical ingredients, efficacy is more stable.

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