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Flat Plate Blister Packaging Machine DPB-250C

Flat Plate Blister Packaging Machine DPB-250C

SUMMARIZE: PLC human Interface used, frequency speed regulation, high automation, easy operation. Suitable for tablet, capsule etc Alu/PVC, Paper/PVC packaging. It conforms to "GMP" "CE" Requirement



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  1. Adopt PLC Human Interface Operation, Chinese and English Display, easy operation and maintenance.

  2. Servo motor dragging, digital adjustable stroke, intelligent operation.

  3. Main drive adopts high speed motor, with high performance, longer life, lower noise, steady running.

  4. Flat structure, register heating, positive pressure forming, up and down net web, cylinder heat-sealing, adjustable stroke, easy operation.

  5. Heat-sealing station fixed, it can freely adjusted distance in the same flat surface for forming, perforation and cutter etc parts. It is suitable for various sizes of medicine package, and it has high precision and good suitability.

  6. 6Image register, sealing good-looking.

blister packaging machine

Cutting Frequency (Times/min)20~60
Capacity (pcs/h)200,000
Stroke (mm)40~160
Max. Forming Area & Depth of PVC(mm)240×150×14
PVC Forming Power (upper) (Kw)1.2
PVC Forming Power (lower) (Kw)1.2
Forming Al Heat-Sealing Power (Kw)1.5
Main Motor Power (Kw)1.5
Total Power (Kw)8.5
Air Pressure (Mpa)0.5~0.6
Compressor Capacity (m³/min)≥0.36
Packing Material Specification(mm)PVC for medicine 0.25×260
PTP (PTP for Al-foil)0.02×260 Tropical AL 0.085-0.10×250
Overall Dimensions(mm)3,100×720×1,550(L×W×H)
Total Weight (kg)2000

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